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venerdì 11 dicembre 2009

pet society hack colore by:FFGH

Do you want Pet society color hack? Color hack is a very good hack for any color change and very easy.
Before you must download Color hack.

How to use color hack :

Login facebook
Open your pet society
Go to stylist, and change your pet color
exit from stylist
Open Cheat Engine, select firefox
Tick hex, 4bytes
Scan 746458
Go to stylist, and change your pet color again
exit from stylist
3 address found, choose number 2 and double click.
visit this to choose any color you like.
edit value and change your code color.
and go to home.
have fun !

Pet Society has come out with yet another new activity for your pet. Now, you can cook and sell the food for a profit! You will start out as a Dishwasher. The more dishes you cook, the higher you will level up. Be sure to remove the food once it is done, or it will be burnt.

Yet another week brings new items for Pet Society. Mystery boxes items have been released and for those who once again do not want to purchase hundreds of MBs just for 3 items, just download this database, replace it with your LuxuryShop database in Fiddler, and purchase the 3 items. Note: Coins needed to purchase.


•IE/Google Chrome
•Latest database :

1.Open Fiddler
2.Click 'Clear cache' if this is not your first time using Fiddler. Try to clear your browser cache too.

3.Go into Pet Society
4.In Fiddler, search for this line '/game/pets/swf/X.X.X/shops/shopLuxuryXXXX.dat (the X are digits that changes every update)
5.Right click this line, copy > just url
6.Go to Autoresponder
7.Click Add
8.The url that you copied will appear.
9.Now click on the arrow at the bottom besides the Save button
10.Select 'Find a File' and browse for the database that you've just downloaded from me
11.Click Save
12.Click Clear Cache and refresh your Pet Society
13.Enter the Luxury Shop and you should see the mysterybox items. Have fun!


Credits: FFGH

Tools required:


1.Go into Restaurant City, click on any arcade machine and play Gourmet Snake.
2.Open cheat engine 5.5 and enable Speedhack.
3.Change speedhack value to 0.5
4.Play Gourmet Snake. Gain 10 ponts.
5.Scan 10 in ce5.5
6.Get another 10 points in Gourmet Snake.
7.Next Scan new score. Repeat steps 6 and 7 till 1 address remains.
8.Double click it and change the value to any value you want.

pet society auto jumping III by FFGH

Credit: FFGH


•flash 9 (download in Tools section) this does not work for flash 10
•ce 5.5

1.Go into Pet Society
2.Skip on rope
3.In ce5.5, select browser, tick hex, 8bytes, asrom
4.Scan "7589544F8B01C083". 1 address returned.
5.Right click > Disassemble this memory region
6.You'll see this line 'add eax,01'. Change it to 'add eax,00'
7.New scan "DC5D8B0000001C85". 1 address returned.
8.Right click > Disassemble this memory region
9.Go up a few lines and you will see this line 'or eax,02'. Change to 'or eax,00'

Facebook Crazy Planets Combo Cheat

Facebook Crazy Planets Combo Cheat

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